Roadside America has been online since 1994 and their app since 2010. It has over 12,000 listings of odd-ball and kitsch roadside stops in both the U.S. and Canada.


I combined both my passion for UX Design and Visual Design in this six day solo project. I also wanted to familiarize myself with the program Flinto. 


Roadside America's mobile app has a lot of features - both great and not so great. Some features do not work at all and it's not organized in an intuitive way. How can I design something that makes for a more personalized experience for the user? How can the app bring users back, even if they are just browsing attractions and not planning a road trip? How can I update the brand to reflect the same fun Roadside America upholds to their adventure-seeking road trippers? 




I had someone carry out a user journey on the current app. On the surface, everything works well, but when the user starting exploring further more issues became apparent. 


• Loading image looks like the car is running of the road - not very friendly 

• Unable to change password on mobile site, had to go to the desktop site to update it

• No personalized dashboard to see "Favorites" "History" and "Places I've Been" all together

• Feature called "Interruptus", where you can set up a dummy call as an excuse to get out of a dull museum or attraction, did not seem to work

• No need for a "Sunset" feature 

• Wish the photos were featured more on the search function

• Wish it was possible to "Save" or add attraction to "Been There" in search function 



• "Random" is a fun feature that pulls up a random attraction

• "Near Me" is a great way to discover what's close by

• Interactive maps - able to open up locations on either Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze


Paper Prototypes 


First Screen:

  • I added a sign in option for both Facebook and Google +
  • Based on not being able to change your password on the app, and having to do so on the desktop, I added a "Forgot Password" link to the higher fidelity wireframes

Dashboard Page:

  •  where features like: Saved, Been There, History, and Submit Tip will live

 Basic Search Page

  • Very similar to the current page, made changes along the way and realized I was missing the first part of the search function. This was the point I realized the search function is a more powerful tool than really meets the eye. 

As you can see, there's a Themes feature in the navigation. Themes is where you can browse attractions by theme, for example, like: Western, Atomic, etc.  From user feedback, I removed this and added it to the More section, as users would not use this feature as much,  


Attraction listing:

  •  very similar to the current app, except for featuring the photo more than the current version.

The second screen is the dashboard on the "Saved" feature.

  • The user can toggle back and forth between the: Saved, Been There, History, and Submit Tip feature. I later added a "Badges" feature, which is viewable in my clickable prototype and high fidelity wireframes. 

Third screen is the "Submit Tip" form:

  • This page is very important to Roadside America's database, as they receive updated and current attraction tips from user to keep their information current. 


Logo and icon designs  

One of the first design elements I wanted to work on was the logo - this would help establish the look and feel of the rest of the app. I went ahead and kept it simple with a bold vintage sign design, much like a retro neon sign. 


Above are sketches and the process of the logo design. 


How can I make Roadside America be even more delightful? After talking to a few peers, I had suggested creating badges to act as rewards or milestones for visiting a certain amount of roadside attractions. They agreed this would help motivate users to keep revisiting the app and add to their "Been There" list. I got this idea from an app called VInylWall, where you receive a badge after collecting a certain amount of vinyl records. 

Roadside America also gathers most of their information from user submissions, this includes photo submissions. Why not guide the user to submit a photo with "Please Submit a Photo" to help motivate users to visit attractions and submit photos?

I also created an illustrative pattern using Adobe Illustrator to be used on the user's profile. I used images that are relevant to Roadside America's attractions and road trips such as: dinosaur, UFO, ghost, camera, wigwam, arrows, trailer, and route signs. 


I wanted a chance to really flex my design and illustration skills in this project, so I redesigned the logo and brought my Sketch files to the highest fidelity. 




Future Steps

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” ― Jessica Hische

Wise words from one of my favorite designers! I could not put down my computer for the few days I was working on the UI and the visuals for this project. Even learning how to use scroll groups in Flinto was something I could not walk away from because it was both challenging and gratifying. I would love to learn more UI design and design patterns to apply to my UX skills thus far.  

  • One feature I would like to explore more, would be the Search Feature - there can be so much to this one feature! 
  • Make the features delightful and fun for the user so that the app is more memorable. 
  • I would like to dive more into forms on a mobile app and may do so on this concept project as I have time.