UX DEsign

I am a visual storyteller at heart and a recent graduate of the User Experience Design Immersion program at General Assembly. 

At General Assembly, I learned how to become a much more thoughtful designer by keeping the user in mind at every step of the process. My goal is to not only create something aesthetically pleasing, but to produce a great product that emphasizes usability, accessibility, and delight. As a designer, I justify every decision through research, ideation, iteration, prototyping, testing, and implementation. Everyone’s opinion is a hypothesis for research.

I am a lifelong learner always creating and collecting inspiration from the world around me. My goal is to collaborate with a talented team and expand my skill set and knowledge of UX Design to create thoughtful and smart products. I am open to remote and local opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area. 



I'm a BFA Illustration graduate working as a visual designer and production artist in the greeting card industry, while simultaneously undertaking multiple freelance projects and roles. In 2012, I moved from Chicago, IL, to the San Francisco Bay Area and went full-time running my own boutique stationery business, Paper Parasol Press. Running my own business was definitely a risk, but I was able to remain creative, launch tangible products, and connect with many other small business owners. I was also able to maintain freelance and contract roles, which kept things fresh and challenging with new projects. 

I love working on new ventures and challenging myself outside my comfort zone, whether it's printing on my mid-1950s Vandercook Proof Press, learning Spanish, taking on home projects, or traveling abroad. Exposing myself to new things, ideas, and cultures has made me realize that there is no one right or wrong way, just many different ways.